How To Help Alleviate Snoring – Solutions & Treatment

Guide on how to help alleviate snoring in human. Checkout some of the solutions to treat snoring.

Snoring may be sometimes caused by a certain medical or genetic condition, but anyone can snore in their sleep every now and then. It’s quite normal. However, it can sometimes cause problems not only to the snorer, but to the person sleeping beside him or her. They could be so strong that they can keep other people awake. Snoring could also be a sign of a certain health condition that might need addressing soon.

The point is that snoring is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are many ways to help curb this problem. These methods are usually based on what causes the snoring, and how to get rid of that cause. The ones mentioned below are among the most common ones.

People who snore a lot should try singing. Most people don’t know this, but a throat muscle that’s too relaxed can be the cause of snoring. Singing exercise the throat muscles and even teaches the body how to control the throat better. This effectively reduces your snoring.

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There are also other throat exercises that you can take. They might not be as fun as singing, but they’re simple and just as effective. It only takes half an hour to get it done, and you just need to do them once a day to effectively prevent snoring.

Try saying the AEIOU vowels slowly but in a loud voice. Done properly, this takes around 3 minutes in one session. Try squeezing in 10 sessions in your daily busy schedule.

A little bit of tongue sliding can help as well. Just let your tongue touch the back of your front teeth and let it slide back. It only needs three minutes of your time, which you should do daily.

Jaw exercises can also help. All you have to do is to move your jaw to the far left while your mouth is open and hold it for around thirty seconds. Then do the same with the right side.

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Another cause of snoring is taking particular substances before you go to bed. Some of this stuff is antihistamines, alcohol, coffee, soy milk, sleeping pills, and some dairy products. There are even people who snore because they had too much to eat before bedtime. Smoking and being overweight can cause snoring too.

People who sleep lying on their also tend to snore more than those who sleep on their side. Thus, sleeping sideways will help reduce instances of snoring. If you’re the type who can’t seem to help sleeping on your back, then try holding on to a pillow when you sleep (like you were hugging someone who was sleeping beside you).

Also make sure that your head is elevated by at least 4 inches by a pillow. This helps you breathe better, and prevent snoring.

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If all these tips still don’t help, then you might need to see a doctor.

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