7 Best Asthma Home Remedies to Cure it Naturally – Asthma Precautions

We have 7 best Asthma home remedies so as to cure it naturally without any side-effects.

Asthma is a disease which effects the lungs and causes difficulty in breathing. A person who is suffering from asthma feels suffocated, congested due to swelling in air tracks and muscles tightening. Common symptoms an Asthma patient may suffer are coughing, wheezing, frequent cold and cough, difficulty in breathing, chest congesting and feeling tired while performing physical activity.

Best Asthma Home Remedies

It’s not necessary that all the symptoms will be seen at a time in a single person, the symptoms differ from person to person. It can affect all age people, from a 3-year-old child to 60-year-old human.

Precautions for Asthma

This proverb says much “prevention is the best medicine“. It’s better to prevent disease rather than suffering. Here are few precautions to be taken to avoid Asthma attack –

  • While traveling always prefer to cover your nose to avoid dust from entering your nose.
  • Asthma Patient should not eat or drink very cool things like ice creams, cool drinks, pastries etc..,
  • Whenever feel thirsty drink Luke warm water, especially after getting up early in the morning.
  • Reduce eating oily food items and also roadside junk food.
  • Asthma patient should regularly perform breathing exercise in their life.
  • The patient should be very careful in cold weather, they should protect themselves from cold air.

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Asthma Home Remedies

The best way to cure Asthma is prevention and here are the few home remedies with properties to reduce the tightened muscles, increase to control inflammatory cells and relax in air passing in an asthma patient.

Remedy 1

Take 2 tablespoons of mustard oil in a pan, add 1/4th teaspoon of camphor powder and allow this to warm. Gently massage this onto the chest and the upper back while it’s still warm. Repeat the message several times a day till it feels relaxed.

Remedy 2

Take a glass of water add 2 tablespoons of Lemon juice mix it properly, drink this twice daily.

Remedy 3

Take equal quantity of ginger juice, Pomegranate juice and Honey, mix it well. Consume 1tablespoon of this mixture twice a day.

Remedy 4

Have 3 – 4 figs soak them overnight and consume in the morning with an empty stomach. We can also have almonds in the same process.

Remedy 5

Boil carom seeds in water(ajwain) and inhale the steam, if carom seeds are not available use celery seeds.

Remedy 6

A cup of strong coffee helps in a mild asthma attack and allow to breathe ease.

Remedy 7

Take a half cup of milk add 2-3 cloves, boil it and allow it to cool. Once it’s cooled, drink it and feels relief from Asthma.

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Note : Above all the remedies should be performed for a certain period of time, then only they will show some change in the Asthma patient.

Patanjali Asthma Medicine

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