11 Splendid Benefits of Coconut Water for Health

Summer is here. Here we go with 11 benefits of Coconut Water for Health, diabetes patients.

Coconut is one such a fruit which can be found in most of the places in the world and also throughout the year. Coconut water is healthy as well as the cheapest drink to beat the summer heat. It not only satisfies your thirst but also your hunger by eating the tender jelly coconut.

All the parts of the coconut tree come in use from the leaves to the roots. Coconut water is used as the natural ingredient in beauty products, wellness, baby products, nutrition and mainly as a hydration.

Benefits of Coconut Water for Health

Coconut water has potassium, sodium, calcium, carbohydrate, 5.45 calories and 1.3 grams sugar in it. This nutritional drink can balance the blood sugar, blood pressure and the body fat(good cholesterol).

Here are 11 splendid benefits of Coconut water

1: Protect from Dehydration

In summer dehydration is caused mainly due to water shortage in the body. Dry mouth, thirst, less urination, fatigue and headache due to heat are the symptoms of dehydration. So drink on average eight to ten glass of water is recommended in summer.

Drinking cold drinks may harm your body but drinking coconut water not only hydrates your body but also gives you instant energy.

2: Improve your Heart’s Health

Patients with high blood pressure suffer from low potassium but after drinking coconut water the blood pressure is maintained as it has potassium in it. It boosts your heart by reducing bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol in the blood. As the good cholesterol increases the blood flow to the heart also increases.

3: Gives Glowing and a Healthy skin

coconut water has a substance called cytokinins and lauric acid, which helps in controlling the aging cell and maintain the PH levels in the body. In summer it is very important to protect your skin from the sun and get dehydrated. As the coconut water contains anti-bacterial, antifungal element, which protects your skin from acne, wrinkles, dark circles, aging and many more.

Apply coconut water to the affected area like wrinkles, dark circles, acne, spots, stretch marks and you will find be a good result.

4: Good for Diabetes Patients

Diabetes patients cannot eat many fruits as they contain high sugar in it but they can drink coconut water as it contains 1.3 grams of sugar in it.

5: Remove Kidney Stone

Drinking water is good for people suffering from kidney stones as the stones can melt or can flow with water through our urine. So drinking coconut water is best for the kidney stones patient.

6: Energy Booster

Most of the Athletic drink coconut water as it is the natural energy booster. The drink contains less sugar when compared to other energy drink. Drinking coconut water controls the water thirst and also the increase the energy level of the sportsperson.

7: Best For Digestion

Due to dehydration our stomach becomes warm and affects our digestive system which allows many digestive problems. By drinking coconut water as it lauric acid which fights with the intestinal parasites in the infants and children. As it controls dehydration it directly controls many digestive problems like constipation, urinary problems, intestine worms, cholera, diarrhea, and Kidney stones.

Home remedies to cure intestinal worms is to add one tbsp olive oil in a cup of coconut water and drink daily for five days.

8: Best for Women

Coconut water is good for women at the time of mensuration as there will be hormonal change and weakness in the body at that time. This natural drink gives energy as well as adds calcium to the body. Most doctors suggest drinking coconut water to pregnant women as it helps in constipation, good digestion, acidity, and heartburns.

9: Ultimate Sports Drink

The American Chemical Society [ACS] during research on coconut found that Coconut water is an effective sports drink. It will reload potassium levels in your body very quickly, so anyone involved in sports during the hot summer, go for Coconut and see the difference.

10. Blood from Nose

Due to the high temperature of the body, blood comes from the nose, mainly this problem is faced in summer and if you are suffering from this problem, drink coconut water daily, it is very useful.

11. Acne Marks and Scars

Mix Coconut water with cucumber juice and apply on the marks and scars, daily in the morning and evening, you will notice a very powerful change and your skin will become glowing

Precautions While Drinking Coconut Water

  • Coconut water cannot be stored for a long time, its taste will be changed.
  • It’s better to drink fresh coconut water from the coconut or else store it in refrigerate for one hour but no guarantee that the actual taste of the water will remain or not.
  • You may get tin or pouch of coconut water but they are also added with preservatives.
  • Drinking too much of coconut water is not good for the body.

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So those were health benefits of Coconut water. Anyone here drinking Coconut water regularly?

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