50 Simple & Best Smart Living Ideas for Day to Day Life

We came up with 50 Simple & Best Smart Living Ideas.

In your day to day life you may come across many small and silly problems, normally you feels those problems to be very big issues, but they are not. Here I came up with series of best smart living ideas, so if you know these ideas you can do you work better and faster.

Best Smart Living Ideas

➡ How to remove odor from Refrigerator?

An easy way to get rid of stale odors from your refrigerator is to place fresh lemon slices in different compartments. In a few hours the odor will disappear.

➡ How to store nail polish remover from evaporating?

Add a few drops of glycerin to any evaporating liquid be a nail polish remover, thinner or perfume, to last longer.

How to clean oily exhaust fan easily and quickly?

Clean your oily exhaust fan with a help of kerosene. Take little kerosene in a mug and dip a cloth then start cleaning the fan. you exhaust fan will turn to new.

How to remove chewing gum from clothes?

Rub the ice cube on the cloth where the chewing gum is stuck or you can rub the ice cube on the other side of the cloth. It will come off gently.

➡ How to remove curd or lime juice stains from the floor?

Remove curd or lime juice stains from the floor by rubbing the spot with a piece of ladies finger. Then clean with soap water as usual.

➡ How to keep flies away?

To keep flies away, add 2 tsp of salt to the water you are going to use to mop the floor with.

How to remove ink stains from clothes?

Apply toothpaste on the ink stains liberally and let it dry, then wash it with water. Ink Stains vanished.

➡ How to light earthen lamps/Divas even in the air?

While lighting diyas(earthen lamps), rub some salt into the cotton wick, before dipping it in the oil. This will ensure the flame does not get blown out even during a breeze.

➡ How to remove furniture marks from carpets?

To remove the marks left on carpets after changing the position of the furniture leave an ice cube in each dent overnight. By morning most of the fibers will be fluffy and all you have to do is blot them with a cloth and gently comb it back in place.

➡ How to clean dirty hair combs?

An easy way to clean dirty hair brushes is to first remove the hair and then soak the brushes for a day in a day in a mug of water to which a little detergent powder has been added. Rinse the brushes afterward and they will be as clean as new.

➡ How to use filter candles?

Do not throw away the old candles from your water filter. you can sharpen the knife blades by rubbing them on the candles.

➡ How to save books from insects/termites?

A few pieces of sandalwood kept in a bookcase will largely keep away termites and insects and also preserve the valuable manuscript and books.

➡ How to remove oil stains from saris?

Remove oil stains from Zari saris by rubbing shikakai powder on the stained material. Rinse with water.(Try it on a small piece first)

➡ How to separate postal stamps from each other?

Postal Stamps that have stuck together will come apart if you keep them in the freezer for an hour or two.

➡ How to get rid of cockroaches from the kitchen?

To get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen, put some sweets in a wide-mouthed bottle, and spread gum along the inner wall of the bottle. The next morning, you will find cockroaches stuck to the inside of the bottle.

➡ How to remove crayons marks from walls?

If your little child has scribbled on the walls or on the floor with crayons, dip a toothpaste in a phenyl a gently rub it over the crayon marks.

➡ What to do to stop drowsiness while driving or studying?

To prevent drowsiness at night while driving or studying fro an exam, wash your face with soda water.

➡ How to clean sports shoes?

To clean white canvas shoes, wash them in soapy water first. Then soak them in water to which 1/4 tsp citric acid has been added. This will remove the most stubborn dirt from the shoes and leave them sparkling white.

➡ What to do to a shoelace not to slip?

After tying shoe laces, put a drop of water over the knot. It will not slip.

➡ How to wash jeans from not fading?

Your jeans will not fade if you wash them with half a bucket of water to which four tbsp vinger has been added.

➡ How to use normal tawa as a non-stick tawa?

To turn your ordinary tawa into non-stick tawa, just sprinkle a pinch of table salt over it and rub with a piece of oily muslin cloth while the tawa id being heated on the stove. The dosa will come off without sticking to the Tawa.

➡ How to stop a soap from melting/soggy?

To avoid soap from becoming soggy, place it on a piece of sponge.

➡ How to store the fridge/washing machine which is not in use for a long period?

Keep a few pieces of charcoal in the fridge/washing machine if they are not used for a long period to prevent fungus formation.

➡ How to use banana peel for plants?

Ripe banana peels are good fertilizer for plants, especially roses or potted plants. Chop two peels and plant them into the soil, 10 cm away from the stem. Repeat every week.

➡ How to clean a silk & chiffon table lamp?

Clean silk & chiffon table lamp, shades by blowing hot air with a hairdryer on them & then shaking lightly.

➡ How to clean a vacuum flash easily?

To clean a vacuum flask, put in a few bits of newspaper and add a little water. Shake well and pour out the content. Watch it shine as new.

➡ How to remove bottle stains from the fridge?

To remove the stains caused by keeping water bottles in your fridge wipe the shelf with a cloth dipped in vinegar.

How to remove the pen marks from clothes?

Remove ballpoint pen marks from clothes instantly with nail polish remover.

How to clean oily utensils?

Oily utensils will be sparkling clean if you first clean them with a little curd to remove the greasy layers of oil – then wash them with any ordinary washing powder. This way, there is no need to mix any detergent with the washing powder.

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How to keep toothbrush bacteria free?

Your toothbrush will be bacteria-free if you soak it in hot salt water once in a week.

What to do with needles not to get rust?

If you keep a small piece of soap in your needle box, the needles will not rust.

How to clean shirt collars easily?

Soiled shirt collars will be shining white if you soak them in cold water for a while and apply sugar on the area before washing as usual.

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