12 Best Spare Time Jobs for Students in College or University

Check out 12 Best Spare Time Jobs for students or University graduates.

In today’s time, good Job is hard to find. When we talk about college students, most of the teens are very much interested in part-time jobs, because it helps them financially in their tuition fees and that’s how they get their pocket money. When we talk about hostlers they pay extra cash for food and room. Travel is also the biggest problem now days because of rising petrol and diesel rate means you should consider them under your monthly expenses. If you are a college student and worried of monthly expenses? Here we have covered best Spare time jobs for college or university students.

There are 10 best part time jobs which are very good for college student.

1. Work On Campus

There are many small roles available for college student in college campus. They work in the student union, college library, college cafe etc. This is one of the best part-time jobs because you do job in college campus as well as you study. There is no time waste for travelling for other part-time jobs.

A student working at a Coffee Shop inside College


  • Save time on traveling
  • Easy job

2. Tutor for Other College Student

If you are interested in teaching, so this is also the best part time job to teach other college students as a tutor. If you are Math-Science student you would be able to teach Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. If you are Biology student you will be able to teach Biology, Physics and Chemistry. If you are Commerce student you will be able to teach Accounts, Business, and Economics to those who require.

  • Learn alongside teaching others
  • Master yourself

3. Pizza Delivery

Pizza Delivery is getting more popular nowadays, because teenagers are very much interested to drive a car or bike. In this job, you just deliver pizza to customers according to receipt. And this is your responsibility to deliver pizza on time.


Simple and straight-forward job


Much competition

4. Paid Internship

This is the golden opportunity to college student. Because they do job-related to their study. In this job they get so much knowledge related to their field. This work will be beneficial in future, when they will apply for a job in a Multinational Companies. As well as you improve your personality also.

5. Bank Teller

This is the best for financial students. Many banks provide bank teller which work as a part time. They get average salary during part time job as well as you get so much experience also. After graduation, you will get better job because you have experience plus degree.

6. Aerobics Instructor

If you are very much interested in fitness, and you want to teach others, this is the best way to part time job. You work as a private trainer or an aerobics instructor. This has also two advantages you work as an instructor plus you can also make your fitness. This job is good for your health as well as you earn some money.

7. Dancer

It is for those students who are very much interested in dance. This part-time job is for those students. In this job they attend any dance class as a teacher or they open their own dance class or there are many schools and colleges where needed some dance teachers so you can attend. This is also very good job for students. This job is good for physically as well as mentally.

8. Computer Tech

This job is for those students who belong to computer science field and also for those students who are very much interested in technology. There are many companies which make their own website. If you are very much interested in web designing you can make website for a company.

If you are interested in software development so there are many small companies which hire students and they can work here. This is the beneficial in future when they will apply for a job after graduation. And company provide them higher salary because you have a degree plus experience.

9. Cab Driver

If you are very good in driving and if you can easily drive a four wheeler, then why not be a cab driver! The cab driver is one of the most popular kinds for part time job. For this job, you  easily manage your college timing alongside with fix cab timings. Or School bus driver isn’t a bad idea either if it suits your daily schedule.


  • You get to know of city roads easily
  • Easy


  • Too much competition
  • You should know the driving rules

10. Computer Store Worker

The students who are very much excited to know about latest gadgets, they can be best suited for this. Hence many computer stores hire employees for part time job. So you can try for this job.

11. Work at a Petrol Station

There are several vacancies each time for job in Petrol or gas station as cashier. The average pay range from $8 to to $15 with average of $11 per hour. It’s ideally suitable for many.Pros

  • Standard job
  • Fix Pay per hour


  • Bit risky

12. Modeling

Last but not the least, if you have a good body and beauty, then you can go for career in modeling as an alternative route. Many choose it when they are in their graduation course to make part-time income.


  • Short time but good money
  • Fame in quick time if everything goes well


  • You get adapted to a different lifestyle altogether
  • You might get deviated from your studies if you are not focused

These were just some of the part-time jobs which I think should be the right job for many.

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