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Time Taken to Digest Food in our Body – Digestive Food Chat

"Digestion matters more than eating" All the healthy food items you eat does no matters more but is it getting digested in…

8 hours ago

How to Help Breast-Fed Baby Gain Weight

Child rearing entails a big responsibility to both parents. The baby will have no one else to depend on but…

2 days ago

8 Best Winter Skin Care Tips That Work’s Like Charm

Of all seasons, winter is for dry skin, cracked soles, chapped lips. At we go through 8 skin care…

4 days ago

Kumbhaka Pranayam | कुम्भक प्राणायाम

Kumbhaka is also called Breath Retention and it's one of Yoga breathing exercise. Checkout Kumbhaka Pranyam process, benefits and advantages.

6 days ago

12 Amazing Rooibos Tea Health Benefits | Red Tea for Health

Rooibos Tea is one of the popular beverages nowadays. It is a refreshing tea which is completely caffeine free and…

7 days ago

Vishuddhi Kriya Exercise – Process, Precautions, Side-Effects, Benefits | Vishuddhi Chakra

Vishuddhi Kriya विशुद्धि क्रिया is the best Yoga Exercise for Healthy Lifestyle. Vishuddhi Chakra implies to throat cleansing practice. Check…

7 days ago

Helping a Bypass Surgery Patient Recover

Quick tips on how to help Bypass Surgery Patient Recover quickly and healthy.

7 days ago

Top 6 Benefits of Deep Breathing Meditation

Here we go through the top 6 advantages of Deep Breathing meditation technique, deep breathing benefits, process, side effects of…

1 week ago

How to Help Loved One Quit Drinking Alcohol

Helping someone with Drinking Problems - It's not easy but its definitely possible. People with drinking problems are all over…

3 weeks ago

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