Sarvangasana – Shoulder Stand Yogic Posture | सर्वांगासन योग

सर्वांगासन योग or Sarvangasana is a yoga for slim body, hair loss control. सर्वांगासन योग विधि और लाभ | Sarvangasana…

Yoga for Beginners – Yoga Asanas, Yoga Poses, Yoga Videos

Here are some Yoga or breathing exercises or Pranayam for the beginner.

Surya Namaskar – 12 Steps Poses of Sun Salutation – Benefits, Mantras

Surya Namaskar 12 steps to be done early in the morning. Checkout Surya Namaskar benefits, Surya Namaskar steps, Surya Namaskar…

Top 6 Benefits of Deep Breathing Meditation

Here we go through the top 6 advantages of Deep Breathing meditation technique, deep breathing benefits, process, side effects of…

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