Time Taken to Digest Food in our Body – Digestive Food Chat

“Digestion matters more than eating”

All the healthy food items you eat does no matters more but is it getting digested in your body or not matters much more. If all the items you eat are getting digested properly in your body then only you get the energy. So for your help, I have gone through the Digestive Food Chart here.

Digestive Food Chart

Digestion is very important to stay fit and stay away from many diseases like constipation, gas, Acidity, stomach pains and many more. A person with good sleep and the best digestive system are the happiest persons on the globe.

If we eat our meals at odd times like –

  1. Having our meals late at night and going to bed may cause digestive problems.
  2. After drinking much(3 to 4 glass) water and having meals may also cause problems in our digestive system.

So, here is the Digestive food chat to show how much time it takes to digest our food in our body.

Digestive food chat

Food Items Time
Water Instantly
Fruit Juices 15 Minutes
Vegetable Juices 15 Minutes
Berries 20 Minutes
Grapes & Oranges 30 Minutes
Apples & Pears 40 minutes
Salad without Oil 40 minutes
Cabbage & Corn 45 minutes
Egg 45 minutes
Carrot & Turnips 50 minutes
Salad with Oil 1 hour
Fish 1 hour
Potatoes 1.5 hour
Porridge 2 hours
Dairy Products 2 hours
Meat 3 hours

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So that’s the Digestive Food Chat for you.

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