23 Surprising Food Items Which Doesn’t require Refrigerator

There are many food items, which you usually keep in the refrigerator thinking that they will be good and fresh. But by doing this your loss the vitamins and proteins from them. There are many food items which are kept in the fridge like Vegetables, Fruits, Spices, Dates, Sauces, Dry fruits, Milk Products, Bread and many more…..

In today’s world, it is necessary to use a refrigerator but not for each and everything. There are many food items which can be stored outside at room temperature, but with special care and technic.

Food Items Which Doesn’t require Refrigerator


Potatoes are the vegetable, you usually keep in the fridge as it starts growing soon, but you should avoid it.

When you keep potatoes in a fridge it becomes very cool and the starch present in the potatoes turns to sugar. So, when you cook or fry the Potatoes the sugar presents in it mixes with Amino Acid and becomes chemical, which can give birth to many diseases.


Honey is nature’s gift to humanity as a medicine, so it does not spoil. As you keep honey in a fridge it becomes more sticky crystal like, so it better to store Honey at room temperature not in sun or not in the fridge.


As soon as you purchase tomatoes from the market, come home wash it and store it in the fridge, thinking that they may lose their freshness. But by keeping tomatoes in the fridge the original flavor of tomatoes will losses and the indigenous taste of the tomatoes will not be finished.

Storage: If you want to store Tomatoes for few days or for many days buy unripe tomatoes(little green)as for storage. If possible buy fresh and use them, its the best.


Apples are also same as Tomatoes, they to a loss they flavor when stored in the fridge and the skin of the Apples get losses after you take out from the fridge and kept out for few hours. If you love to eat cool Apples kept it in the fridge for half-an-hour and take it out and have it.


The best idea to store Onion is to keep at a cool dark place in a paper bag, instead of storing in the fridge. If you store Onions in the fridge it becomes squashy and its odor will be coming from other items stored in the fridge. So, better to store at room temperature.


Every one of us stores bread in the refrigerator, but it is totally wrong. By storing bread in a fridge it becomes dry and loss the moisture from it.


Bananas ripe very soon, so it very difficult to store them. But never store them in the fridge because the nature of the Bananas is cool and on that, if you store it in a fridge it becomes very cool and this will harm your body and the vitamins, minerals present in them will be damaged due to excess cold.

Sauce and ketchup

Usually, people after using Sauce and ketchup store in the fridge, thinking that they will be spoiled at room temperature. But it is not true, Sauce and ketchup are prepared by adding vinegar and preservatives to store for a long time, so there is no question of storing them in a fridge.


Most of you store coffee also in the fridge, think that it will not get hard or solid at room temperature. But if you store in air tight container it will not. The coffee which is stored in a fridge will not give you same taste and flavor as stored at room temperature.

Khoya and Mawa

This is the food item you should never keep in the fridge, but we all do it. Purchase them in the required quantity or use it off in other dishes, but do not store it in the fridge.


If the garlic is of best quality then if you store it at room temperature also it will not grow but by storing it in a fridge it becomes like rubber and dries very soon(juice will not be there). And it is said that if you store in a fridge it will grow rather then out side.


Dates will not spoil very fast if you purchase by seeing the recent manufacturing date. Rather then by storing them in fridge, the juiciness will be lost and it will become dry.


Cabbage is such a vegetable which can be available in the market through out the year, so its not necessary to store it in the refrigerator. Even though if you want to store you can store it at room temperature, if you keep it in a fridge it will become moister and takes a long time to cook and leaves the water when cooked or fried.

Jams and Jellies

There is no need to store Jams and Jellies in the refrigerator, as they are added with preservatives to store them for a long time even at room temperature.


Never store dough it can be Wheat, Jowar, Bajara in a refrigerator because it harms your digestive system and also your health. So it’s better to knead a fresh dough and use it, as it takes just few minutes to knead a fresh dough.


Do not waste and store peppers(red, yellow and green), they will spoil very soon even in fridge also. Wash peppers when in use like this you can store them without fridge. Want to store them for few more days store them in a paper bag at normal temperature.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits(raisins, hazelnuts, cashews, apricots, figs, almonds, pistachios, walnuts) do not spoil for many months. So there is no necessity of storing them in a refrigerator.

Cooked food

Eat freshly cooked food, instead storing it in a fridge and eating it in your next meal. By doing this the food will lose its health properties and become acidic in nature and effects our body. If the food is left or remain in large quantity, then give it to poor/animals or else reuse that lest over food to prepare any new dish from it. But do not store it in a fridge and eat.


There is no need to store egg in a refrigerator, because they remain same either you keep in the fridge or at room temperature. It is better to keep outside so that you can use that place for necessary things.


Pickles can be stored outside very well. If you prepared pickles at home then also they can be stored at room temperature because while preparing them mostly mustard oil will be use which preserves them. And if they are purchased from market then no problem they add preservatives in pickle to store them.

Storage: Even though you wanted to store them for longer period then store them in glass jar, but not in plastic jag.


Any seasonal fruits like Guava, Mango, Pineapple, Oranges, Sweet Lime… does not spoil fast with out refrigerator i.e, in 5 – 7 days, anyhow with in these days you can easily consume them, so question of storage. Seasonal fruits are as suitable to the specified climate so they do not get blemish.


Cucumber is such a vegetable which contain 95% of water in it. So even you store at room temperature also it remains fresh and juicy but after a few days on its edges wrinkles comes but it does not spoil to avoid this keep them in a paper bag.


Whole spices never need a refrigerator for storage, just store them in a airtight container they will be well and fine. But Powdered Spices(masala) they may be damage after a long time(6 – 8 months) at room temperature.

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