10 Hand Gestures for Yoga & Meditation

Checkout 10 hand gestures for yoga, meditation & their benefits.

In Ayurveda, it is said that our body is made of Panchabhuta or 5 elements – Air, Earth, Water, Fire, and Space. All these elements play a great role in Yoga especially while performing hand gestures in meditation. All these elements are present in our hands. most of the energy flow from the tips of our fingers. So we attach any our fingers while performing yoga to store energy within us. That is called as Mudras.

Hand Gestures for Yoga

Each finger represents different component.

  • Thumb – Fire
  • Index finger – Air
  • Middle finger – Space
  • Ring finger – Earth
  • Little finger – Water

Mudras are special hand gestures used to heal the pain in our body accordingly. There are 10 hand gestures to practice yoga and meditation. We can perform mudras at any time while standing, sitting, before sleeping, walking and traveling. This is an easy remedy to cure diseases without any side effects and no cost. Mudras are done with both the hands for a specific period according to disease.

So lets check out some simple and easy Yoga Mudras which is used in meditation –

1. Gyan Mudra

In Ayurveda, it is known as Vaayu Vardhak Mudra. Gyan Mudra is performed to get quick results in meditation. This mudra represents the first stage for beginners and it is very easy to do. Gyan Mudra increases air element within the body.

Gesture: A simple touch together the tips of Thumb and index finger. Other 3 fingers are relaxed with slightly curved.


  1. Gyan Mudra is done for wisdom.
  2. Increases air element with in the body.
  3. Excellent gesture for meditation.
  4. More benefits are mental peace, concentration, depression, stress, drowsiness, spirituality, mind power, mental retardation and lethargy.

2. Vaayu Mudra

Vaayu Mudra is also called as Vaayu Shamak Mudra. It can be performed at any time as per your convenience, no need of empty stomach. This mudra prevents from all the diseases which occur due to imbalance of air element in our body and improve body strength.

Gesture: Press the index finger on the base of thumb and place the thumb on the index finger with gently pressing it. Other fingers should be straight. It is to be done correctly otherwise it may cause imbalance in body.


  1. Vaayu Mudra is done for calmness in our body.
  2. It balances the air element with in the body.
  3. Cure diseases like Gout, Arthritis, Paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, reduce stress and tension.
  4. Calm all mind problems like anxiety, restlessness, lack of concentration, impatient, sleeplessness and indecision.

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3. Aakash Mudra

Aakash Mudra is also known as Aakash Vardhak Mudra. This mudra enhances the space element with in our body. It can be performed at any time but for best result it is done in morning hours. This Mudra is beneficial for all heart related problems as well increase spiritual power and remove frustration.

Gesture: A simple touch together the tip of middle finger to that thumb. Other fingers kept straight facing towards sky.


  1. Aakash Mudra is done for lightness.
  2. Enhances the space element with in the body.
  3. It is useful to prevent diseases like nasal and oral cavities.
  4. Increases mind power and take over mind from negative thoughts and fear.

4. Prithivi Mudra

Prithvi Mudra is also called as Prithvi Vardhak Mudra. Here Prithvi means earth and Vardhak means enhance. You can practice this mudra in any position, while sitting down or standing up straight or in ideal pose of meditation (sukh aasan) and can be done at anytime.

Gesture: The tip of ring finger and thumb are touch together. Let the other fingers straight and a little stretched.


  1. Prithvi Mudra is done to improve strength.
  2. Decreases fire element and increases the earth element with in the body.
  3. Creates self-confidence, self belief and spirituality after practicing this mudra for a particular period of time.
  4. It makes the body active, healthy, increases weight for weak personality and reduces all physical weaknesses.

5. Shunya Mudra

Shunya Mudra is also called as Aakash Shaamak Mudra. The word Aakash means ‘zero’ or ‘sky’ in Sanskrit language. In other words it is ‘Mudra for Heaven’. You can practice this Mudra at any time and at any place. Specialty of this mudra is to reduce the dullness in the body.

Gesture: Bend the middle finger with tip touch to base of thumb and thumb upon it. Other fingers are kept straight and this mudra should me done with both hands.


  1. Shunya Mudra gives relief from pain after performing.
  2. Space elements are decreased within the body.
  3. Helps to cure ear ache pain and very effective in almost all ear problems.
  4. Regular practice of this mudra can cure numbness in body.

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6. Surya Mudra

Surya Mudra is very helpful in weight loss and health benefits. Other names for Surya Mudra are Prithvi Shaamak Mudra and Agni Vardhak Mudra. This mudra can be practiced at any time either by sitting or standing pose.

Gesture: Bend the ring finger and thumb upon the finger with little pressure. Other fingers are kept straight.


  1. It balances the body elements by increase in fire element while decrease in earth element.
  2. Helps to reduce weight with no side effects.
  3. It produces heat in the body and also useful to treat common cold.
  4. Improves digestive system and helps to reduce anxiety, stress and fear.

7. Varun Mudra

Varun Mudra is also called as Jal Vardhak Mudra. Our body is almost 70% water and this mudra mainly refer to water element. This mudra is helpful to people with dry skin. Lack of water the skin does dry and causes skin diseases. This mudra is done at any time according to convenience.

Gesture: Tip of little finger touches to tip of thumb and other fingers stretched straight.


  1. Increases water elements within the body.
  2. Moisturizes the skin and cure all skin irritation problems.
  3. Good for unconscious people.
  4. Helpful in joint pains, loss of taste, arthritis, indigestion, constipation, dryness of eyes, deficiency of hormones and blood related diseases.

8. Prana Mudra

In Sanskrit Language Prana means ‘life’, in short Prana Mudra is life of energy. This mudra is helpful to strengthen the immune system and improve energy in the body. You can practice this mudra at any time and by any pose but it is very helpful if it done in ‘padmasanna’.

Gesture: The thumb finger, little finger and ring finger are kept together with stretch. Other fingers are stretch straight.

front view

side view


  1. Beneficial for all types of diseases and best cure for diabetes patience.
  2. Improves blood circulation and make you feel more energized.
  3. It enhances self-confidence and control emotion like stress, depression, anger, tension, restlessness, anxiety and tension.
  4. It improves vision power in eyes and cures all eye related diseases.

9. Apana Mudra

Apana Mudra is also called Mrita Sanjeevani Mudra. It’s an energy mudra. This mudra is practice anytime and at anyplace, for best result this mudra is practiced in sitting posture. It is great medicine for heart attack and regulates the excretory system.

Gesture: Bring the thumb finger, middle finger and ring finger together and other two fingers are kept straight.

Front view

side view


  1. Cures problem related to menstruation and problem of constipation.
  2. Controls diabetes and burning sensation in hands, legs, heart and urine.
  3. It strengthens the body and clearing the body by eliminating wastes from mouth, nose, ear, eyes etc.
  4. Regular practice of this mudra keeps your teeth healthy & strong.

10. Linga Mudra

In Sanskrit language Linga means ‘male genital organ’. Linga Mudra is also called as upright mudra as the thumb is held in upward position. It produces heat with in body by increasing fire element.

Gesture: Bring your hands in front of chest and join both palms together forming inner circle with index finger and thumb upright. Hold this mudra not less than 15 minutes while inhaling and exhaling normally.


  1. Best tool to overcome with depression, tension and stress.
  2. Increases fire element within the body.
  3. Increases resistance power against cold, cough, chest problems & respiratory system.
  4. Improves sexual debility in males.

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