How to Help Loved One Quit Drinking Alcohol

Helping someone with Drinking Problems – It’s not easy but its definitely possible.

People with drinking problems are all over the world. That’s because alcoholism is one of the most common vices known to man. While there’s so much of them that you’d think that we would be used to them by now, living with an alcoholic is never easy. It’s a frustrating experience, having to tolerate a person who constantly subjects himself to intoxication. Living with an alcoholic is a day to day risk to yourself and the people around you.

Quit Drinking Alcohol

But it’s not impossible to help an alcoholic quit. He or she just needs the help and support of the people around him or her, and those who care the most. If you happen to know an alcoholic, you have to know how to help that person kick the habit.

Face the Reality

Like most addictions, your first goal is to face the reality. Face the reality to yourself, the people around you, and the alcoholic as well. Turning a blind eye on the matter isn’t going to make it go away, so everyone has to resolve to stop denying that your loved one has serious addiction issues.

This personal admission is important to change how you look at things. This will help you take a keener look at the signs of the addiction, and whether or not the person you’re looking into really has problems to begin with (remember, not everyone who drinks alcohol is an alcoholic.

Not Letting Them Get Alone

Once you do make that confirmation, make sure that you talk to the person when he or she is sober. Let the person realize that he or she has a drinking problem. Tell him or her how you feel about the issue and make him or her feel that you’re there for him or her.

One way to keep the addiction from recurring too much is to put the alcoholic in a place that doesn’t give any reminder of the vice. Keep the house clean and get rid of empty bottles and anything else that can be related to alcohol. Search through the house and check if there are any hidden stashes of beer or whatever it is that he or she is addicted to. At this phase of the quitting process, its better if the house didn’t have anything alcoholic at all, and that includes those wine displays, wine glasses, beer buckets, etc. – all that has to go if you want the problem to leave for good.

Engage Them in Daily Activities

Give the alcoholic a better outlet. Engage in sports or other activities that will keep his or her mind of drinking. That’s always one of the best ways to get rid of addictions, because addictions often grow because they are focused on too much.


Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of counseling. Suggest this option to the alcoholic and be there to give support when he or she is ready to go to counseling. Admit to yourself that you may not be able to address all the issues that the alcoholic may have, and that counseling may be the last step to getting rid of the addiction for good.

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