23 Different Types of Khakhra Recipe

Different Types of Khakhra Recipe: Among all the Famous Gujarati Dishes like Fafada, Kaman, Khichdi, Jalebi, Sev Khamani, Dabeli and many more, Khakhra is also very popular and also traditional dish of Jain Gujarati cuisine.

Khakhra Recipe

Khakhra is mostly prepared and eaten in Gujarat, especially by Jain Gujarati’s as it is free from onion and garlic. Khakhra’s are prepared individually same as roti and roasted at low flame to make it crispy and delicious.

Khakhra is round shaped crisp roti made from wheat flour and oil. Additional flavor can be added as per one’s choice.

Khakhra Types

There are countless types of Khakhra varieties and are easily available in the market. The flavoring ingredient is added to the dough while preparing them. Always try to select the crisp one so that it can be stored. Below are the famous khakhra flavours, which are mostly eaten by the people.

Here are various Khakhra varities:

  1. Plain Khakhra: This is prepared in a very simple way and it is plain(no spices)
  2. Masala Khakhra: [मसाला खाखरा रेसिपी] – To make it tasty few masalas are added as per the need.
  3. Jeera Khakhra Recipe: The main spices is jeera along with other spices in this type of Khakhra.
  4. Methi Khakhra: In methi khakhra we can add methi leaves or also grounded methi powder.
  5. Butter Khakhra: Special butter is added to this khakhra, to make it soft.
  6. Pani puri Khakhra Recipe: Panipuri flavour is added to this type of khakhra.
  7. Pav bhaji Khakhra: This type of khakhra gives you the taste similar to that of Pavbhaji.
  8. Bajra Khakhra: The flour used in this khakhra is Bajra ka Atta, with few spices.
  9. Garlic Khakhra Recipe: While eating this khakhra you get a strong taste of garlic.
  10. Ajwain Khakhra: These khakhras are good for stomach, as Ajwain(carom seeds) is best for the digestive system.
  11. Methi Bajra Khakhra: These are same as Bajra khakhra, but the special effect is given by adding methi to it.
  12. Chat Masala Khakhra – Chat masala is added to this khakhra to give it a unique taste.
  13. Pudina Khakhra – The main ingredient is pudina, while preparing this khakhra.
  14. Dhaniya Khakhra – Dhaniya Khakhra is prepared by adding Dhaniya/coriander to the flour.
  15. Tomato Khakhra – Color of these khakhras is red as they are prepared by adding tomato to it.
  16. Dabeli Khakhra – A special Dabeli masala you get in the market, that is added to get this floured.
  17. Cheese Khakhra Recipe – Cheese is added to the wheat flour while preparing it.
  18. Ragi Khakhra – The flour used while preparation is ragi, so they are Ragi Khakhra.
  19. Tulsi Khakhra: Tulsi flavor is added to the flour.
  20. Manchurian Khakhra: These khakhra are Chinese twist, which tastes same like Manchurian.
  21. Thepla Methi Khakhra – These khakhra are made up of methi.
  22. Chatpata Khakhra – Chatpata khakhra is spicy and is chat pate.
  23. Dosa Khakra – It tastes as if you are eating dosa i.e., South Indian style khakhra

How to eat Khakhra

Khakhra is served at breakfast with chutneys and pickles. Khakhra’s taste very yummy with the combination of pickle, chutney, dry chutney powder, sauce and so on. Even try applying fruit jam on khakhra and go for a new taste, mostly kids like this.

Add melted ghee on khakhra and have it. You can also sprinkle little chat masala to the khakhra which gives a delicious taste.

Different types of Khakra Recipe

Khakhra is used in many ways and in many recipes, as it is healthy and easily digested. There are many Khakhra recipes like Khakhra Chat, Khakhra Tacos, Khakhra Pizza, Khakhra Canopies, Khakhra Bhel, Khakhra Tomato sabzi and so on.

How to Make Khakhra at home?

We have gone through some of the khakra recipe to be made at home. Here are they –

Plain Khakhra

There are many methods to prepare Khakhra but the general method is by adding wheat flour, refined oil and salt as per taste. So let’s start

Ingredients for wheat Khakhra(plain)

  • 1 cup – Wheat flour
  • 2 tbsp – Oil
  • 2 tbsp – Ghee
  • Salt to taste
  • Water or luke warm milk as required


  1. Take wheat flour in a bowl, add oil, salt, and water or milk and make a soft dough.
  2. Prepare small balls of dough and roll up all balls like thin Chapati’s.
  3. Heat a Tawa and roast all Chapati’s in low heat by pressing with cloth or wooden press.
  4. Roast both sides along with adding a little bit of ghee and it turns golden brown and crispy.
  5. Let it cool and store in an airtight container as it is crispy.

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Masala Khakhra Recipe

Ingredients for Masala Khakhra

Whole Wheat Flour – 1 cup
Refined flour (Maida) – 1 cup
Oil 2 tsp
Salt to taste
Water or Milk
Ghee 2 tbsp
Garam Masala Powder 1 tsp


  1. Mix wheat flour and refined flour into a bowl.
  2. Add oil, garam masala powder, salt and milk, and then prepare a soft dough.
  3. Divide the dough into small balls and roll up a very thin Chapati’s.
  4. Now heat a tawa and roast Chapati’s by adding little ghee on both sides.
  5. To make it crispy, and press with the help of cloth or wooden press.
  6. Roast till it turns brown and crispy.
  7. Let it cool and store in airtight container.

Benefits of Khakhra

  1. The best part in eating khakra is it is easily digested and helps in weight loss, only if it is made without the use of oil or ghee.
  2. As Khakhra is prepared from whole wheat flour, wheat is a great energy booster and rich in carbohydrates.
  3. The secondary best part is if green leafy vegetables are added to wheat flour what could be the better snacks than Khakhra which has lots of energy.
  4. Leafy vegetables are rich in iron, calcium, copper, potassium and low in fat.
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