Thursday , April 26 2018

How to Prepare Paneer Butter Masala – पनीर बटर मसाला

Punjabi’s are found of eating spicy and delicious food. The main course mostly consists of any type of roti, chapati, paratha with spicy and tasty curry/sabzi and a glass of lassi. How can we forget Lassi. :-D. There are many Punjabi curries like Kaju masala, Dal makhani, Paneer Butter masala, …

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Time Taken to Digest Food in our Body – Digestive Food Chat

“Digestion matters more than eating” All the healthy food items you eat does no matters more, but is it getting digested in your body or not matters much more. If all the items you eat are getting digested properly in your body then only you get the energy. Digestion is very important …

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Gujarati Dhokla Recipe – Soft and Spongy Besan Cake

Gujarat is state famous for its Dandiya, Garba, food and culture. Gujarati are very found of eating sweet as well as hot dishes. Well known Gujarati dishes are Fafada, Jalibe, Dhokla, Khichdi, Kandavi, Dabeli, Kadhi, Khakhra, Vagariya roti, Undhiyu, Muthia, Khaman and many more. What is Dhokla? Dhokla is a spicy, …

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