Surya Namaskar – 12 Steps Poses of Sun Salutation – Benefits, Mantras

Check out Surya Namaskar steps and poses of Sun Salutation, it’s benefits and mantras to be chanted.

Surya Namaskar has many health benefits, it is normally done early in the morning in front of the rising Sun. There are 12 steps in Surya Namaskar, proper breathing is compulsory while doing this process, which helps to lose weight and also keeps your body active. 12 steps form round and practice of 1 round per day is important to lose weight. Let’s check out Surya Namaskar steps(12), poses, Surya Namaskar mantras & chakras.

Surya Namaskar 12 Steps

A series of 12 poses completes Surya Namaskar Yoga. While doing those, at each pose you will have to chant a mantra, so called as Surya Namaskar mantras.

The following are the Surya Namaskar steps –

Step 1. Prayer Pose (Pranamasana)

Stand on the yoga mat at the edge facing toward the Sun, keep your shoulder straight and balance on both feet. Now start breathing while lifting your arms upwards and exhale when you bring both palms together in Namaste pose. While performing this pose the mantra to be chanted is “Om Mitraya Namaha”.

Step 2. Raise Arms Pose (Hasta Uttanasana)

Now, while inhaling raise your arms up and join together. Bend neck and spine back as per your flexibility. The Mantra to be chanted is “Om Ravaye Namaha”.

Step 3. Hand to foot Pose (Hasta Padasana)

Exhale and bend down till your palms touch the floor or either side of your feet. The head should touch the knees, bend knees little if necessary. Chant “Om Suryaya Namaha” while doing this posture.

Step 4: Equestrian Pose (Ashwa Sanchalanasana)

Inhale and stretch left leg back as far as possible with knee bend and touches the floor. Look upward towards the sky and palms touching the floor and exhale. The mantra is chanted while doing this posture is “Om Bhavane Namaha”.

Step 5: Stick Pose (Dandasana)

As you breathe in, stretch your right leg backward and maintain the whole body in straight line. The mantra to be chanted is “Om Kagaya Namaha”.

Step 6: Salute with eight points (Ashtanga Namaskar)

While exhaling, bring your knees down to the floor. Lift your hips upward with slide forwarding and your chin and chest should rest on the floor, palms flush against the floor. In this posture, your two feet, two knees, two hands, chest and chin touch the floor that is eight parts of the body touching the floor. The mantra to be chanted while performing this posture is “Om Pushne Namaha”.

Step 7: Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

As you breathe in, bring your chest upward and slide forward, your face facing the sky. Rest your legs, knees and hips on the floor. You can bend your elbows and shoulders and ears away from each other. Chant “Om Hiranya Garbhaya Namaha” while looking upward.

Step 8: Mountain Pose (Parvatasana)

Exhale and lift your hips upward, slide forward, and chin touches the chest with eyes straight to the knees. This forms a triangle-shaped posture between you and the floor or ‘inverted V’ (/\). The mantra to be chanted is “Om Mariachi Namaha”.

Step 9: Equestrian Pose (Ashwa Sanchalanasana)

Breathe in and bring your right leg forward in between the two hands. Left knee down on the floor and stretch the hips down and look up with chanting “Om Adityaya Namaha”.

Step 10: Hand to Foot Pose (Hasta Padasana)

While exhaling brings the left leg forward, palms on the floor and face touching the knees. Bend the knees if necessary. The mantra to be chanted is “Om Savitre Namaha”.

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Step 11: Raise Arms Pose (Hasta Uttanasana)

Inhale deeply; bring your spine and hands up backward with joining both palms with forming Namaste pose. Chant “Om Arkaaya Namaha” while doing this step.

Step 12: Standing straight (Tadasana)

As you exhale, bring the arms down and make your body straight and relax. Try to observe the sensation in the body. The mantra to be chanted is “Om Bhaaskaraaya Namaha”.

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