5 Tips for Buying a Custom Engagement Ring

When you got out and looked for that perfect ring for your engagement or wedding, you might want to spend a lot of money. One reason is that you won’t get the perfect fit for those rings. It is why you should look for a custom engagement ring. These custom wedding and engagement rings will match your preferences. You can ask the jeweler to design the ring according to your needs and ft the diamond according to your likeness. You should always look for the best custom wedding and engagement rings by Linara Jewellery. Here are a few tips that will help you buy the best custom engagement ring.

  1. Choose a Reputable Jeweler

Always rely on the best and the most reputable jeweler to buy a custom engagement ring. Never rely on the jewelers of whom you have never heard? Ask your friends and family members who have been married recently and got a custom ring. It is the best way in which you can find a reputable jeweler.

You should rely on the best jeweler. No matter how expensive the jeweler is, you should never select a jeweler who has a bad reputation. You can use the help of Google Maps to locate all the jewelers in your city and choose the best one based on the users reviews. You might save money on the ring, but it will not be worth. Once you know that the jeweler is reputable, you will also know that he will give you a ring you want.

  1. Start Early

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is they go to the jeweler only a few weeks before their wedding or engagement. Always plan and visit the jeweler at least two months in advance. It will give you time to decide on the design and customization of the ring.

When you want a custom ring, you should give the order well before time. The reason is that it takes time to get the ring that you want. You will visit several times to the jeweler to check whether it fits or not? You might want to get custom finishing of the product. The custom design takes time. It is why you should start early.

To make sure that you find the perfect ring, you should look for a jeweler who will be happy to get you the ring until you are 100% satisfied. If you got a jeweler who will not make the suggested changes in the ring, it would only be a waste of time and money. So, keep in mind, always ask the jeweler if he can give you want you to need.

  1. Choosing the Diamond

The custom ring can also have a custom diamond on it. Always choose the best diamond for your wedding ring. If the diamond does not match the metal or the design, it will look awkward.

You should know all about the 4 C’s of the diamond, i.e., cut, clarity, color, and carat. You should focus more on the cut. Get a diamond that has a good cut. The cut means diamond’s proportions, and it’s symmetry and polishing.

  1. Try different Settings for your ring

It is by far the most important tip while choosing an engagement ring. Not all the rings will fit you. You should choose different styles or try a different style of rings and then choose one among them.

Another good way to get the ring that you like is to take a few pictures from the web and show it to your jeweler. Ask your jeweler to mix two styles and create a new custom ring.

It is important that you show the pictures to your jeweler. It will help the jeweler understand the style that you need. Do not go blind. Even if you explain it to your jeweler the type of ring you need, he will a slightly different shape in mind. But once you show a picture, he will know what exactly you want.

  1. Warranty and aftercare

When you buy a custom engagement or wedding ring, you should look for a warranty and aftercare. You are spending a lot of money on these custom rings; you should get a warranty. Always ask for the warranty for the purity of metal, delivery date, price, etc. If you do not get any warranty, make sure that you skip that jeweler and look for the one who gives you the warranties in writing.

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These are the five tips that you should know before you buy a custom engagement ring. When you have these tips in mind, you will surely get the ring of your choice. You will get a ring that the jeweler will design from scratch.

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