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Go through Yoga for Beginners with Yoga Asanas, Yoga Poses, Yoga Videos.

Yoga, when we hear the word, it strikes at fitness. Most of us think yoga is practiced when someone suffers from a health problem, but its wrongdoing yoga is good for healthy living. There are many benefits of doing yoga without any side effects, but until the doctor says it must and should we don’t do it. When we hear many people saying the benefits of yoga Asanas, we to feel do it but the laziness in us do not give permission to do so. Getting up in the morning and doing yoga only sounds good but in practice it’s burdensome.

“Prevention is better than cure” everyone knew it, but then also we don’t start doing yoga unless and until it is necessary. They are many types of Yoga Asanas, poses, but it should be started with very tender poses and at an appropriate frequency(time). If you do very tough poses all of a sudden your body will pain. There are a few steps to take care before and while doing yoga.

Precautions to be taken before and while doing any type of Yoga Asanas

  • Yoga Asanas should be done six hours after having the meals.
  • The stomach should be empty while doing yoga.
  • Two hours after drinking Milk.
  • The breathing should be done with the nose but not with the help of mouth.
  • Yoga should be done by sitting on any type of mat.
  • While doing yoga never force your body to do the yoga but do it in your body comfort area.
  • After doing Yoga don`t have a shower or do not sit in air condition or any type of cool air.
  • When you do yoga the clothes should be comfortable and too fit.
  • By the time you complete the yoga drink a glass of water
  • Soon After doing yoga go for washroom(toilet, urine), so that the unwanted enzymes comes out through urine.
  • At the time of pregnancy, take the guidance from your yoga trainer or your doctor to do yoga.
  • Ladies, when you are in your period time not to do all Yoga asanas. They are specific yoga for Menstruation.

Here are some Yoga or Breathing Exercises or Pranayam for the beginner.

Kapalbhati Yoga

Kapalbhati means shining Face with inner beauty and is best for weight loss and flattening the belly.

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Anulom Vilom Yoga

It is a breathing yoga for better metabolic process and also it purifies your body and mind from negative thoughts.

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Kumbhaka Yoga

Kumbhaka yoga is also known as Deep breathing. This yoga boosts the breathing capacity of the lungs which increase the oxygen in the body.

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Vishuddhi Kriya

Vishuddhi Kriya is a done to active your fifth chakra which is Vishuddhi chakra that is located at the throat.

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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra relaxes our body and mind from stress and tension. It is also known as Yoga sleep.

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